Just like any other appliances and devices in your home, your water heater may wear out for many reasons. You can detect though if it requires a much-needed repair or if it has to be replaced already. Delaying these actions can cause discomfort in your home or business establishment or an accident that can cause injury and even death.

Here are some indications that you must call an expert water heater technician or order a new one.

Inconsistent water heat

Have you ever opened your shower to be hit by cold or lukewarm water? Alternatively, have you experienced too hot water coming out from the faucet? If you happen to experience this, something is wrong with your water heater.

It could be that some parts have already rotted due to prolonged use. The moment you notice this problem, call an expert technician right away. What if the water that comes out of your shower is scalding hot? That can cause a severe burn, which you do not want to happen to you or any member of your family.

Rusty water

The hot water in your home must always be and free of strange odor. When your water looks and smells rusty, chances are there is corrosion inside your water heater. It can weaken the tank and cause it to break, releasing a considerable amount of hot water that can harm you and your home. Once you notice this, call a technician to check your appliance. Rust can eat up its interior and cause severe damage that will require you to buy a new one.

Murky water that smells bad is the result of sediments that accumulated in the pipes. Make sure to have everything checked and cleaned. Once these sediments build up, they can cause the heater to malfunction and be damaged.


A leak is difficult to detect on its early stage. When you a puddle of water near the heater, the problem could be at its advanced stage. A simple repair would not be enough to stop it. It would be best if you took action immediately. Water pressure can cause the tank to break and spill a massive amount of hot water.
To prevent this from happening, have your water heater scanned for leaks so that you can make the necessary action before it is too late to remedy the problem.

You must hire a technician to check it regularly if you do not want to encounter this kind of accident.

Strange sound

Unusual sounds coming from the water heater might not be something to worry about. However, if you hear popping and banging from inside of the appliance, it could be a bad sign. This could mean that some accumulated sediments are inside the heater or it could also be some parts that got loose.

Have an expert check your heater right away. Flushing the objects that are causing the noise can solve the problem. If you do not act on it, the objects can damage the tank and cause it to leak.

Now that you learned how to identify the signs that your water heater is in trouble, you can do something to prevent further damage.

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